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August 26, 2018 3 min read

What is the meaning of valknut?

The Valknut is without doubt the most famous symbol of the Viking religion, with the hammer of the god Thor.

In Germanic languages, the name is "the knot of the fallen". It refers to fallen warriors. In this symbolism, he has a profound bond with God Odin. It can be found engraved on many Viking funerary stones.

Odin, among others, is the God who receives the warriors killed in action in Valhalla. We are therefore in the presence of a symbol that accompanies the deceased's journey through different worlds to Valhalla, a sign embodying the post-mortem world of warriors. 

In this context, warriors are solar heroes who have managed to escape the law of cycles and become immortal. 

Valknut evokes death, in the sense of the liberation of the soul. This solar hero theme is typical of pagan Indo-European traditions.

The Valknut symbol

He is composed of three intertwined triangles, these are three intertwined triangles symbolizing the roots of Yggdrasil (3X3 = 9) and thus the nine worlds of the Asatru religion.

But not only, the Valknut created by the God Odin gathers the past, Urd, the present, Verdandi and the future, Skuld (Urd, Verdandi and Skuld who are the three Norns, Goddesses of Destiny).

This symbol is therefore linked to figures 9 and 3 of the Asatrúar religion and of German-Nordic paganism. This symbol shows us then that contrary to what the religious texts want us to believe most of the time, that the Gods are, like all beings of the nine worlds, inferior to the Goddesses of destiny the Norns, the God Odin does in truth what he wants from this law.

Let us look at the symbolism of the numbers 3 and 9, to finally better understand the symbolism of Valknut

The number 3 symbolizes the three levels of the sacred:

  • The body 
  • spirit
  • parole
  • esprit

It symbolizes fate through the three Norns: Goddesses of Destiny.

This number 3 multiplied by itself gives 9, a sacred number that represents the cosmogonic totality, the whole harmonious and divine.

These nine worlds outside Midgard, the land of men, teach us a series of interesting complementarities:

❄️ Nifelheim / Muspelheim: Ice and Fire,🔥

🌐 Asgard/ Helheim: Sky and Infra-World, 🌈

🌀 Vanaheim/ Jötunheim: Creation and Destruction, 🗿

🌕Alfheim/ Svartalfeim: Light and Darkness.🌑



The number 9 linked to Valknut is sacred to Ásatrú because it is often found:

  • Nine are the nights during which the god Odin is suspended from the cosmic tree Yggdrasil to acquire knowledge and wisdom. 
  • Nine are the mothers of God Heimdal, the guardian of the Bifrost Rainbow Bridge, the link between Asgard and Midgard. 
  • Nine are the nights that the god Frey must wait to unite with the goddess Gerd, Mother Earth. 
  • Nine are the days that Skadi and Njörd spend alternately in Nóatún. Every ninth night was born from the ring Draupnir a new ring. 
  • Nine are the girls that surround Menglöd, the virgin who is compared to the goddess Freyja. 
  • Nine are the steps that God Thor will realize after his final fight against the Serpent Jörmungand. 
  • Nine are the nine-day sacrifices and offerings that are made at the temple of Uppsala in Sweden.

The god Thor has his hammer, and the god Odin his symbol.

According to some sources, there appear to be two separate representations for Valknut.

  • One consists of three distinct triangles that are nested within each other; 
  • another or they are three triangles forming only one, (as on the belt of the god Odin, in the photo on the bottom left). 

The Valknut drawn in one piece is the older of the two representations, while the three interlaced triangles arrived later, probably because it was born from a bad copy of the original, or a symbol of late evolution.

In any case, Valknut has a deep symbolism in the asatru symbol of the fallen and thus becomes heroes, it takes a great place in a religion where the cult of ancestors is very important.

The blood bond between ancestors and descendants must not be lost, the loss of this bond is sacrilege, a terrible profanation, or even a real abomination in the great moral Ásatrúar.

Fortunately, this is no longer just an old way of thinking and this ideology is now perceived as bad because the blood mixture is scientifically proven beneficial for man.

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