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Rare Viking Sword
Rare Viking Sword
Rare Viking Sword
Rare Viking Sword
Rare Viking Sword
Rare Viking Sword
Rare Viking Sword
Rare Viking Sword
Rare Viking Sword
Rare Viking Sword

Rare Viking Sword

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    Rare Viking Sword

    A Viking weapon was considered a badge of honor, with greater weapons belonging to more notable warriors. A true work of art, this Damascus steel sword is both functional and beautiful.

    Custom hand-made on real Damascus blade with unique engraved design. These swords are made from high-quality materials. Comes with a complimentary leather case to secure and carry your tool.

    Our team of Craftsmen uses century-old techniques in the forging and engraving process that ensure a high-quality design that will last a lifetime.

    The production process of such a sword is not simple, it takes at least 3 weeks of work and the efforts of 3 masters. So give us time to create a work of art!


    • Viking Sword: 
      Blade Length: 27 inches
      Handle Length: 7 inches
      Overall Length: 34 inches

      Norse Sword:
      Overall Length: 10-inch handle , 29-inch Blade
      Handle LENGTH: 10 inches
      Blade Thickness: 5mm
      Blade Width: 2 inches
      Handle: Wood & Leather Wrap Handle
      Accessory: Leather Cover
      The blade is Made with DAMASCUS Steel.

      Ulfberht Sword:
      Overall Length : 27 Inches
      Blade Length : 20 Inches
      Blade Width : 2 Inches
      Blade Thickness : 5-6 mm

      Celtic Sword:
      Total length: 22-inches
      Handle Length: 6-inches
      Blade length: 16-Inches
      Blade thickness: 6mm
      Handle: Made with great combination of Brass hand guard and pommel with wire handle
      Blade: Forged Damascus steel (Damascus steel is the combination of 1095+15N20)
      Damascus Layers: 512-Layers (When forged) not sure how much layers are disappeared while finishing the blades.
      Leather Sheath: Handmade leather sheath made with original cow hide included

    Package includes:

    • 1 x Sword with leather cover
      Rare Viking Sword BUY IT NOW