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About our Viking Shop

Viking-Store™ positioned today as one of the world's largest online shop of Nordic and Viking goods in terms of quality, price and authenticity. You will find there the most precious jewels of Nordic and Viking myths, deciphered and reshaped into bracelets, necklaces, pendants, all exceptional and full of history.

The director's words (or Jarl as we like to call him) : "Jewelry is something that reflects the essence of a human being for tens of thousands of years. Since ancient times, people have worn pendants, amulets, bracelets and rings... These documents show the individuality, nationality, religious beliefs and social status of people. They protect, inspire confidence and, of course, simply adorn men and women.

Our main sources of influence are the Viking Age, Norse mythology and Norse art (Viking art). Since 2008, we have had many Viking style jewelry pieces created for our clients who are fans of Nordic and Viking mythology : pendants, bracelets and rings with Thor's hammer, bracelets with axe and spear symbols, as well as various Viking, Slavic and Celtic jewelry.

We also actively sell jewelry and stylish accessories inspired by modern themes. These are leather bracelets for men and women, bracelets with an anchor, a boat wheel and hooks, bracelets with skulls and much more.

We wish you a good discovery of our store and hope that you will find what you are looking for !

Be the warrior you've always dreamed of.

By entering the world of the Vikings, you made the right choice. Indeed, in this place, you will be able to become who you really want to be. Dear warriors, get your best viking outfits, accessories and jewelry and go into battle ! Believe us on one thing, your extraordinary style will make you suffer and we will talk about you. Inspire thousands of people right now with a look that is incomparable and totally unbeatable.

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