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Ragnar Bracelet


Viking Ragnar Lothbrok Viking Bracelet at special price!

Every piece, every scratch, every slight imperfection... is captured in the essence of the moment of its creation.

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Enjoy this Viking Warrior Clan Gift and share this great limited time offer with your friends. You can't get a better deal! The cheapest viking bracelet on the market!

Producing King Ragnar Lodbrok's bracelet was not easy. The best craftsmen had to be called in. With more than 8,000 copies sold, the King Ragnar Lothbrok Bracelet is already a reference!

Are you passionate about the magical and mysterious world of the Vikings? Offering a Viking Bracelet to a fan close to this theme will be very much appreciated by this one. Symbol of wisdom and intelligence, the Scandinavian Lava Stone Bracelet will give an original touch to your style. A simple and effective gift idea!

Viking Jewelry, a Symbol of Belonging!

  • The ritual gift was the basis of the Viking society. Arm bands, necklaces and rings were distributed by the lords to their men in recognition of great deeds and acts of valour.
  • The tradition was so widespread in Viking culture that the term "ring giver" became synonymous with "king".
  • These gifts were much appreciated by the men who received them, but they often instilled jealousy in others.

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  • Concrete warranty!

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