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Vikings Bracelet - Odin Pearl

Metal Color
DB184 Lapis Lazuli
DB185Tiger Eye Stone
DB187 Lapis Lazuli
DB33 Map Stone
DB76 White Turquoise
DB77Tiger Eye Stone
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Vikings Bracelet Odin Pearl : Viking jewelry of size for a victorious soul for its wearer

War is particularly important in Norse mythology : great warriors could access the Valhalla. The "Odin Bracelet" symbolizes Victory and entry into the Valhalla. You will be pleasantly surprised by its comfort, lightness and unique style. This viking bracelet Odi pearl symbolizes the courage, bravery and inflexibility of the Viking. 

  • Material: Stainless steel + Cartographic stone + Black glass bead
  • Width: 14mm
  • Length: 19cm 
  • Weight: 38g

What could be more original as a gift than to offer a beautiful Viking Bracelet to a viking fan? Some people will notice this beautiful jewel and will not hesitate to come and make conversation with you! Let yourself be seduced by this superb Handmade Viking Axe Bracelet and brighten up your look with a sober and elegant touch.

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