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Viking Bracelets for men and women.

Discover our Viking bracelets for men and women. Leather bracelet, sterling silver bracelet, stainless steel bracelet, each of them has a particular identity and meaning, as do all the pieces in our collection of Viking jewelry at the best price. Our braided leather bracelets have been designed in the purest tradition of the great Viking craftsmen. Black or brown leather cords are used to dress the totems of the legendary animals of Nordic mythology.

All the products in our shop tell a story, that of the brave warriors and legends of the North. They are artifacts that carry with them the northern mythology. The Vikings made them in the image of mythological gods and creatures such as the Fenrir Wolf or the Mysterious Northern Dragon, but also to represent more common objects such as an anchor or an axe. A pretty Viking bracelet is the perfect gift for any occasion.

Our bracelets will adapt to your outfits. As long as you have the Viking style, there is something for everyone! All the silver jewelry we offer is designed to be part of a coherent range, so that your bracelet will perfectly match another piece of jewelry in our collections: pendants, rings, Viking t-shirts or earrings. Something to please a loved one who shares the noble values of the Vikings. All our bracelets are adjustable to perfectly fit all wrist sizes.