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Viking Rings

Dear warrior, if you are looking for more information about our Viking Rings, you have come to the right place.

Discover an exceptional selection of Viking jewelry, Viking rings inspired by Nordic mythology, Scandinavian and Celtic peoples, Germanic, inspired by Viking peoples and legends.

Viking Rings, The Best in the Market at Cheap Price

Each ring we offer has been carefully handcrafted to provide the highest quality and striking detail. Since the dawn of time, wearing a Viking ring has symbolized powerful assets.

Behind each one of our works, you will find a story and a past full of emotions that will send you directly back to the era of the Norse mythology. If you like to travel emotionally, you will be served.

Possessing a Viking ring allows you to distinguish yourself from the herd (and by far!). Indeed, you don't come to Viking-Store™to look like everyone else, no. You come here because you want to assert your unique and sharp personality. We come here to show our extraordinary strength of character and our different vision of life. So, you who read these lines, remember that you are different and that by wearing our jewellery, you will never be like the rest of the population.

Viking Rings for Men

Any man who respects himself and wants to keep his leadership status and his manhood should read the following lines carefully.

First of all, a Viking without jewels is not really worthy of his name. This is why we are increasingly expanding the range of choices available in our online shop. One category of viking rings for men, very much appreciated by our virile warriors, is the "silver signet ring".

Each model has its own design and is not made of the same metals as another. For example, our different men's rings will rather be made from precious materials such as silver, tungsten, stainless steel, titanium, black steel or alloy. Do you doubt their resistance over time? You'll see, you'll soon get used to comparing them to the strength of Thor's hammer.

Viking Rings for Women

Fortunately, in the world of Norse mythology, women, as brave as men, are more than worthy of their name as Vikings. These warriors with shields will find their happiness for sure on our online shop.

Whether you are looking for an engraved jewel symbolizing the world of Nordic mythology or a Viking ring for women with more aggressive features, showing your tenacious and strong character, you will be served. Whether you are a more discreet Valkyrieor on the contrary who likes to show off, you will find the jewel of your happiness.

So you'll have understood, with our brand Viking-Store™, you will adopt a 100% Viking look. Indeed, whatever your sex, male or female, you will undoubtedly find the ring that will satisfy your desires.

Each of our jewels have been carefully forged by our artisan partners in order to satisfy you as much as possible. To know the size to buy, we have created a guide to follow. You will find all the necessary information on each product sheet.

4)History and Origins of the Viking Store™ Rings

As in most other cultures, rings were jewelry worn mainly around the fingers of the hand and were very popular among northern peoples. Even more so today as they symbolize powerful historical events but also heroic deeds that have travelled around the world.

Over time, scientists have discovered many traces of rings from Viking burials. It turns out that these rings were mostly of their own width and had been opened. According to these professionals, the Vikings opened their rings so that they could easily fit different sized fingers. Indeed, this kind of jewellery was often passed on to the next generation.

Viking rings for men and women combine the historical with the modern in their design. Indeed, the craftsmen of our time were greatly inspired by their art and then designed models from this base. These jewels were mainly made from metals such as bronze, silver, gold and stainless steel.

Whether you are hesitating between a Viking ring or a Viking Necklaceor a Viking Bracelet, think of these jewels as more than just a fashion accessory. No, each of them vibrates to the rhythm of the many myths and legends that have shaped them. They will also make a great gift idea for any Nordic and Scandinavian culture lover or simply someone ambitious and courageous, like our warrior friends.

5)Why buy a Viking Ring ?

Because by wearing one, it reflects the terrible expressiveness that we are sometimes able to transmit around us. They also reflect our love for freedom, the one that characterizes you on a daily basis and links us even more to our Viking ancestors.

In addition, an increasingly topical trend is marriage through pagan rituals. If you are interested in this, or if you would like to get married with the theme of Nordic mythology, or if you know that your spouse is interested in it, why not order one of our viking wedding rings ? This will be a good way to ensure that your soul mate never forgets the powerful bond that unites you.