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Viking Wolf Ring

Finger Size

Make silence prevail by wearing this wild Viking Wolf Ring !

This beautiful Nordic ring has a truly unique design. It illustrates the Scandinavian symbol Odin the Viking Wolf. Wear it everyday to add a touch of originality to your look. Ideal for men, the Viking Wolf Ring will be a great gift idea for a loved one.

With its lighter weight and incomparable softness, it will be a perfect match for your finger. Wearing it for hours on end, and even while you sleep if you wish, won't be awkward and will allow you to keep a powerful connection with nature, wild animals and northern people.

A symbol of leadership, this Viking Wolf Ring is not for just anyone.

Indeed, to wear this kind of jewelry you have to be up to the task. Not everyone can call themselves a Viking and be eligible to convey the values of these warriors of the past. So ask yourself the following question : do you deserve the Viking Wolf Ring and are you up to the task of wearing it ?


  • Material : Stainless Steel 316L : No blackening, no oxidation
  • Smooth interior : no discomfort on your finger
  • An "Ultra Light" weight of 6.4g : enough to accompany you everywhere in the greatest comfort
  • Ring width : 8.5mm
  • Note : Finger size equals circumference in mm
  • Color : Retro
  • Carefully handcrafted details
  • Requires no special maintenance to keep the shine.

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