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Viking Cap (Trucker & Snapback)

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What is a Trucker Viking cap?


Good question! Its origin dates back to the 1960s. Popularized by car salesmen, garages and other car specialists because it was then easy and cheap (plastic mesh being cheaper than cotton) to put its logo on it, it became the "Trucker". It was also very appreciated by farmers because it was light and breathable. If you go to a Flea Market in the U.S. (flea market), you will find that there are countless John Deere (tractor and farm equipment manufacturer) caps for sale!

Initially it had more of a Redneck connotation, but has become more and more popular over time.

Technically it is a snapback, because it is adjustable. At the front the crown is semi-structured and made of foam. The back of the cap is made of mesh (plastic mesh). This gives a cap that lets the head and scalp breathe (it looks like a shampoo ad). 

The Viking Snapback Cap from the Viking Store

Viking Baseball cap par excellence, it has made the New Era & Mitchell and Ness brands famous. If its history is closely linked to baseball, it is now available for all NBA basketball, NFL soccer and NHL field hockey franchises, and even in the colors of pop culture heroes: Marvel superheroes, Star Wars movies, Viking Tv Show... a list that continues to grow as new Netflix series or new movies are released in movie theaters.

The main features of our Snapback viking cap are:

1 - A flat visor: on this baseball cap model, the visor is wide and flat.

2 - The crown is structured: the front "panels" are rigid, and do not deform when you put it on the head.

3 - The angle between the crown and the visor is almost 90°, making the front of the cap a kind of extension of the forehead. This also gives the impression that the cap is imposing. And that makes it perfect for embroidering big logos.

4 - Closing and adjustment are of course the most important elements of the Snapback. These caps are adjustable, they are One Size Fits All, thanks to a system of snaps on a plastic tab placed on the back of the cap. There are also scratch systems, but in this case, we talk about Strapback.

Modern caps with symbols from Norse mythology and great inspiration from the Vikings.