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Our Viking jewelry workshop is here to provide you with the best Viking Rings, Necklaces, bracelets, viking Arm Ring, Earrings at unbeatable prices.

If you have come all this way, you are probably a lover of Viking culture and mythology, that is why we have selected hundreds of Viking Merch for you.

VIKING STORE is the shop for people with a strong personality! Fans of these barbarians tend to be courageous and adventurous people and... why not say it, a little wild too. Those of us who feel sympathy for these characters are unconventional and rebellious and, although a bit rough, they are also good people.


Viking & Norse Mythology Books

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Norse Mythology Book

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Norse Gods Book

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Dear NORSE enthusiasts

You have here the first online store specialized in the world of Vikings.

We have selected for you, the best articles related to the men and women of the north.

More than an online Viking store, a community!

Our passion goes far beyond the store. We are not only interested in providing you with the best Viking products at great prices.

We stand for the values, the symbols of this culture. In our Viking blog, you will find articles where we explore any topic related to the nine worlds, the world of these Scandinavian peoples. From their history, their gods and their myths to their language (futhark & runic alphabet) and their adventures on land and sea.

With Viking Jewelry, you will find very large category of Viking products, Viking ring, Viking necklace, Viking bracelet and more to satisfy the Viking soul that you have. And this from your home or simply with the help of your smartphone. In just a few clicks, it's the easiest and most convenient way to buy in complete security.