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Viking Ring - Yggdrasil

Finger Size

Pay homage to Yggdrasil, the tree very famous in Viking circles !

Still very popular today, this tree is much talked about through the many stories, myths and legends traveling through the centuries ... Nicknamed the Tree of Worlds in Nordic mythology, it means "Ygg horse" or the "fearsome steed". These two words actually represent the god Odin. Wearing the Viking Ring Yggdrasil is therefore an excellent way to honor the god of gods and represent mother nature.

Being a symbol of protection, the Viking Ring Yggdrasil is essential to live a life of serenity.

Indeed, since the existence of the Nordic peoples, this jewel has been worn for a very long time as a protective amulet. To wrap it every day around your finger is a very good way to adorn it while protecting you from evil and bad omens.

It is also a very good idea of gift that you hold there. In fact, giving the Viking Ring Yggdrasil to a loved one who is a little stressed out could be a great way to soothe them. He would know that by wearing this precious ring, evil spirits would reach him less easily.


  • Material : Stainless Steel 316L : No blackening, no oxidation
  • Smooth interior : no discomfort on your finger
  • An "Ultra Light" weight : enough to accompany you everywhere in the greatest comfort
  • Ring width : 6mm
  • Note : Finger size equals circumference in mm
  • Color : Silver
  • Carefully handcrafted details

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