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Viking Vegvisir Ring |

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The viking vegvisir ring a protective symbol

By putting the Viking Vegvisir Ring on your finger, you will finally be able to discover and taste the power of this symbol so famous in the world of Nordic mythology. Indeed, once this precious element is in your personal jewelry store, you will realize its value and the important message it conveys everywhere around it.

Also known as a runic compass or Viking compass, this ring with the Vegvisir effigy represents protection as well as orientation. Vegur means road and Visir represents the guide.

The latter, increasingly popular thanks to its magical benefits, will give you lucidity and strength. Once the owner of this jewel, everything will become clear to its wearer who will easily make his way through winds and tides to reach his goals.

What are you waiting for to become the lucky one who deserves to wear this ring day and night to take advantage of what it has to offer ?

Details of the viking vegvisir ring

  • Material : Stainless Steel 316L : no blackening, no oxidation
  • Smooth interior : no discomfort on your finger
  • An "Ultra Light" weight : enough to accompany you everywhere in the greatest comfort
  • Note :The finger size equals circumference in mm
  • Carefully handcrafted details

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