Keith Richards Skull ring, The Secret Reveals

The story of Keith Richards Skull ring

We tell you why the Rolling Stones guitarist always wears a skull ring on his right hand!

It is what reminds him that, as quoted by El País of Uruguay,

The story of the Keith Richards skull ring can be simply resume in some words : "the only beauty is the interior".

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It is also the most famous gift he received for his 35th birthday in December 1978.

We are referring to that ring that looks like it was born already placed on the right phalanx of Keith Richards, the guitarist of the Rolling Stones, and that boasts a silver skull.


It was the work of Bill Hackett and David Cours, friends of Keith Richards and Anita Pallenberg, his partner even at that time.

They were both working on a silver sculpture of a human skeleton, on a small scale.

When they took the skull out of that small mold they came up with the idea: their friend's birthday was imminent and it would be a perfect gift.


After all, who better than Keith to hold the skull in his hands?

Since then, it became a sign of identity for the guitarist.

Thousands of people asked Cours and Hackett to make identical duplicates, but they always refused.

Only in 2008 -and, according to them, with "Keith's blessing"- did they release a replica of the Rolling Stones member's ring.

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