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Ragnarok: The Twilight of the Gods

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Ragnarok: The Twilight of the Gods



The Vikings believed that one day the world as we know it would end, they called it Ragnarok, (the old Nordic Ragnarökr). Ragnarok is not only the end of man, but also the end of gods and goddesses. This will be the final battle between the Aesirs and the Giants. The battle will take place on the plains called Vigrid.

It is there that the mighty Midgard snake will emerge from the sea, while it crushed its tail on the land, it also sprays poison in all directions, causing huge waves to crash towards the land. Meanwhile, the fire giant Surtr will set fire to Asgard (the house of the gods and goddesses) and the rainbow bridge Bifrost.

The Fenrir wolf will free itself from its chains and spread death and destruction. The sun and moon will be swallowed by the wolves Sköll and Hati, and even the world tree Yggdrasil will shake the ground.

A beautiful story, if there is one, that of the Twilight of the Powers.
Every religion has its apocalypse, the Vikings are no exception.
But she's so much cooler.


The Ragnarök is quoted all the time, by everyone.

And there is nothing sadder than a pecore explaining to everyone what the Viking Apocalypse is when he discovered it the night before in Age of Mythology (yes, Ragnarök is a Scandinavian fate that turns villagers into soldiers. Not very historical, but very nice game. Let's skip it.)

If you don't dare to kick these people's asses because of blasphemy, let's try to summarize the Ragnarök so we can at least teach them life:

Ragnarök is the end of the world in Scandinavian mythology. "Twilight of Powers", "Twilight of Gods", "Consumption of the Destiny of Powers" (according to Wagner.)
It is an assault by the evil powers, led by Loki the traitor, on the fortress of Asgaard, the Gods and Men.

  • 2) Chronological sequence

First of all, the Ragnarök is announced by wars between men. Massacres, attacks, fights whose honour has disappeared. A dark and hard period, with a continuous winter for 3 years.

Then Heimdall ( Mythology - The History of Heimdall), seeing the sons of Jötunheim coming forward, will blow into his horn, Gjallarhorn, and announce to the 9 Worlds the beginning of the Ragnarök. This will be confirmed by Mimr's head to Odin.

Loki header, followed by Sutur, lord of Muspelheim and Hel, goddess of the dead. And all their giant friends of fire, ice, zombies & co.

But under the weight of the giants, the Bifrost Bridge collapsed, moving the battle to the Plains of Vigrid.

There, the Gods & their friends (Einherjar, Walkyries, etc.) will intervene to save what can be saved.

- Odin will be devoured by Fenrir (revenge)
- Thor killed the Jörmungand (The World Serpent, Mythology - The Story of Thor), but was eventually struck down by his poison.

- Freyr (God of Life and Fertility Mythology - The story of Frej / Freyr) will embark on a fight to death against Surtur, the Lord of Fire, who will purify the 9 Worlds with flames. But Freyr will not survive this encounter (the whole fight is described in Amon Amarth's song - The Last Stand of Frej. ) Note that Freyr dies because he gave his sword away like an idiot (Mythology - The Story of Frej / Freyr)

  • - Finally, Loki and Heimdall will fight, and kill each other.

Thus ends the Ragnarök, with the disappearance of the Shade and Light, leaving a universe purged of all life.

All of it? No! Some gods and a human couple, who took refuge in the trunk of the World Tree on Mimr's advice, will survive the Ragnarök.

They are the sons of Thor (including Magni + Mjollnir) and Odin (including Vidar who killed Fenrir), but also Baldr and Hodr.

And thus will the worlds be reborn, purged of evil and good, under the sweet glow of the daughter of Sol.
(Yes, the sun had a sun child called Sol.)


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