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Mjolnir: Thor's Legendary Hammer

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Mjolnir: Thor's Legendary Hammer


What is Mjolnir ? Thors Hammer ?

Mjöllnir is the fabulous weapon of Thor God forged by the dwarves is able to return to the hand of his launcher.

Its power is so great that it is impossible to manipulate it without using the god's gloves (járngreipr) and his belt (megingjord).

The making of Mjöllnir was done by two dwarves, Brokk and Eitri, the same dwarves who were once the creators of the golden hair of the goddess Sif, wife of Thor, of the Skidbladnir vessel of the god Frey, and of the spear of the god Odin Gungnir.


This is the story of Thor's hammer, and we want to thank him for this great video!

What does mjolnir mean? How is Thor's Hammer pronounced?

Most scholars trace it back to an Indo-European root which is attested by the old Slavic word mlunuji, Russian molnija and Welsh mellt, meaning "lightning".

It can also be linked to the Icelandic words mjöll, "new snow", and mjalli, "white", the colour of lightning and a potential symbol of purity. 

Where Does The Name Mjölnir Come From?

Although the etymology of Mjöllnir is uncertain, Thor's hammer as an instrument of blessing, consecration and protection.
Thor's hammer was certainly a weapon - the Aesir's best weapon, in fact - but it was more than just a weapon. It was also central to the rituals of consecration and consecration.

Who can lift Thor hammer?

mhhh... Is Thor a God? And Who is Thor exactly ?

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Thor is a major god in Norse mythology. 

Thor possesses a colossal and unparalleled warrior strength.
Thor is the god of thunderstorms and therefore by extension, fertility, and warrior strength.

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The hammer was his main weapon. Thor (which means "Thunder") was the god of thunder, and thunder was experienced as the sound of his hammer crashing into his enemies.

Not surprisingly, the Scandinavian name of his hammer, Mjöllnir, probably meant "lightning".

The powers of the hammer were not only related to fighting, Mjöllnir was also the one that caused rain, a rain that fertilized.


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Gungnir was the most powerful weapon ever made by the dwarves, Thor asked for another, but the god Loki pariah with him that the dwarves did not have the wisdom to make one, even more powerful than Gungnir for Thor. But it looks like Loki will lose his bet in the making of the dwarves.

In order not to lose his role, Loki has metamorphosed into a fly to stop the dwarves' work, but nothing stops them, the hammer is made. Brokk and Loki take the objects to the Aesir to decide which objects are the most fabulous.

The Aesir decides that Mjöllnir is the most fabulous object, with only one flaw: his handle was rather short. The dwarf replies that a fly comes to bite him to distract him, that's why the hammer handle is rather short.


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Historian Hilda Roderick Ellis Davidson provides an excellent summary of the uses of the hammer: 

It would indeed seem that the power of the thunder god, symbolized by his hammer, extends to everything that has to do with the well-being of the community. It covered birth, marriage and death ceremonies, burial and cremation, weapons and feasts, travel, grounding and the taking of oaths between men.

Thor's famous weapon was not only a symbol of the destructive power of the storm and the fire of heaven, but also a protection against the forces of evil and violence. Without it, Asgard could no longer be protected from the giants, and men also relied on it to ensure their safety and support the rule of law. 


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Of all these consecration ceremonies, the use of the hammer to bless a marriage is particularly well established. The existence of this rite is assumed in the story of Thor as a transvestite, where the giants stole Thor's hammer and then he went to retrieve it by dressing as a bride to marry one of the giants, knowing that the hammer would be presented during the ceremony. When it was presented, he grabbed the weapon and immediately smashed the skulls of all the giants present.

A rock sculpture from the Bronze Age in Scandinavia apparently depicts a couple blessed by a larger figure holding a hammer, indicating the considerable antiquity of this notion. The historian E.O.G. Turville-Petre suggests that part of this blessing is to give the couple fertility, which would make sense given Thor's connections with agriculture and field fertilization. 

Mjolnir Thors Hammer 3D asset | CGTrader

These roles of the hammer were inseparable from its use as a weapon to defend the Asgard from the giants. As the famous historian of religion Mircea Eliade explains in The Sacred and the Profane, one of the universal models of human consciousness is the concept of the cosmos, a realm defined by sacred time and space, and chaos, a realm defined by profane time and space. The cosmos is typically envisioned as a circle, an island in a sea of chaos.


Thor's Hammer - BrodgarBrodgarIn Norse mythology, the cosmos and chaos were called, respectively, innangard and utangard. Asgard, the world of the gods, and Midgard, the world of mankind, both have the element -gard in the modern English version of their names. This suffix (garðr in Old Norse) referred to a fortress or enclosure, something that was circumscribed by a wall, fence or other type of boundary to separate it from the outside areas.

It was a cosmos that was protected from the utangard chaos that surrounded it. The world of giants was called either Jotunheim or Utgard. Jotunheim simply means "the house of giants", while Utgard means "outside the garden", as does the more general term utangard. The Airs, humanity and their worlds were perceived as innangard, a cosmos, while the giants and their world were perceived as utangard, chaos.

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When something or someone was consecrated with Thor's hammer, he (or she) coming out of the realm of chaos is absorbed into the cosmos. He (or she) is protected from the harmful effects of chaos and its inhabitants by the social order and its divine patterns. The profane has been banished and the sacred established. 

This pattern is confirmed both in the use of the hammer as a weapon and in its use as an instrument of blessing, consecration, protection and healing. When Thor struck giants with the hammer, he defended the cosmos and banished the forces of chaos. When he blessed a marriage, a birth, a field or a death, his act had the same religious/psychological significance.


Dwarf Hammer - Imgur
The story of Mjöllnir's birth is told in the account of "The Creation of Thor's Hammer". To sum up briefly:

One day the illusionist Loki felt particularly "cunning" and cut the long golden hair of Thor's wife Sif. Thor was about to kill Loki in a rage when the latter swore to descend to Svartalfheim, the land of the dwarves, who were recognized as the greatest blacksmiths of all the Nine Worlds. There he would obtain for Sif a hair even more wonderful than the one he had cut. Thor agreed to this arrangement. 

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While he was in the cave forges of the dwarves, Loki was able to acquire his prize, and by cleverly challenging several dwarves to prove that they were the best blacksmiths, he acquired many more treasures for the gods. Among these was Thor's hammer, which was short in the handle because Loki, in the form of a fly, bit the eyelid of the dwarf who forged it. 

When Thor saw the hammer, the most beautiful weapon in the universe despite its flaws. He agreed to let Loki live. 

Today, Mjöllnir is the symbol of Ásatrú's faith. But he is very popular in other Neopaean circles, also in metal music circles, especially Viking metal. It is also found in popular culture, in films and series for example.


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