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Viking Hairstyle Ideas for Men

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Viking Hairstyle Ideas for Men


Viking hairstyles for men

They may have lived over a thousand years ago, but Vikings are still in fashion when it comes to hairdressing, and they are even a source of inspiration today.

Powerful hair, manly braids, full beards and epic ponytails come to mind when we imagine these brave historical warriors.

These battle-ready cups were both a symbol of the elegance and sophistication of a people who placed a major role on the appearance and power of hairstyles.

The History of the Vikings: Violence and Sophistication


Hair and beard were indeed of paramount importance to the Viking man.

This can be understood through the names of some of their kings such as Sweyn Forkbeard ("fork beard"), whose beard was probably split in two, or Harald Fairhair ("light hair"), who must have had beautiful blonde hair.

Numerous finds of viking combs and brushes from that time during archaeological excavations show that people regularly took care of their hair. These precious instruments were often kept in small boxes to protect them well, which further confirms their place in the heart of the Vikings.

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The beards were also well cared for. This can be seen, for example, in carved male head figures from this period. The hair of Viking women was also well cared for.

It was typically long and could be nicely styled, especially braided. Some statuettes of the period also attest to this.


However, what kind of hairstyles did the Vikings have? Certainly as today different types of hairstyles coexisted, but historical elements tend to prove the predominance of certain haircuts in the Viking style.

In a letter written around the year 1000, the abbot of Eynsham talks about the "Danish fashion", which he describes as "naked neck and blind eyes". At the time, the term "Danish" was commonly used to refer to all Scandinavians and Vikings, not just those from Denmark.


For historians, the description of the hairstyle refers to a hairstyle that could be characterized as an inverted mullet, shaved in the back (bare neck) and long on top (eyes closed). This is the cut of Bjorn Ironside in season 2 of the Viking series for connoisseurs.

The Bayeux Tapestry, a tapestry representing a series of events leading to the conquest of England by the Normans, also depicts similar headdresses, shaved at the back and long on the top falling on the eyes.

Not easy to fight the hair in front of the eyes! And yet, the Vikings were known to be formidable fighters, so it is certain that the Vikings had to style their hair differently before embarking on their bloody raids.


As with any story that comes from history, the evidence is not 100% conclusive. It remains only suppositions but many clues seem to confirm that the Reverse Mule was a common Viking hairstyle.

Now all that remains is to find a better name for it, because the reverse mule is really not that good. We'll let you make your suggestions in comments.

Viking men's hairstyles ?


Living like a Viking or looking like a Viking these days means choosing a hairstyle and beard to form a distinctive, distinctive style.

How do I style my hair like a Viking?

The options are many, but starting with long hair and a full beard is often a good start to multiply the number of possibilities. Here are some Viking haircut ideas for you:

What is the Viking haircut called?

The Viking Undercut

If you're looking for a popular haircut that's both Viking and hipster, look no further than the undercut.

The Viking fits all types of cuts and styles, and it's been among the top trends in short-sided hairstyles in recent years. For example, you can combine a top knot, ponytail or smooth back hair with an undercut.

In addition to being easy to style, undercut hairstyles offer a ton of contrast. If you don't want to shave your head, the closest option is an undercut or Viking gradient.


Men's Viking Hairstyle #1: Shaved on the sides and long on top


Viking hairstyles are often characterized by long, thick hair on the top and back of the head that contrasts with shaved hair on the sides.

The result is an eye-catching look full of attitude, perfect for men who want to be virile. It's modern and it's rock.

Men's Viking Hairstyle #2: Small braid


Combining Viking style and coquetry is possible in the 21st century. To do so, try a simple braided wick folded backwards.

The hairstyle is perfect for modern men who want a warrior look mixed with softness. Although it's easier to do on long hair, the look can also work on short cuts with some styling products.

Viking Men's Hairstyle #3: Long Loose Braid


If you have long hair you can take it to the next level and look much more impressive. The long, loose braid is achieved by following a surprisingly simple process you needn't worry about. And the result is stunning.

Men's braids are invading Instagram these days, offering endless possibilities that will delight hairstylists who will be able to offer more than "shaved on the sides and long in the front".

Men's Viking Hairstyle #4: Man bun and undercut

When the world of Vikings meets the world of hipsters, the result is the man bun with undercut.

This unique style can easily fall into either category and be styled to your preference. For a decidedly more Viking look, keep a lot of texture on top and keep the bun or man bun untidy.

For a trendier style, comb and straighten your hair thoroughly. Add a beard and you're the most hipster Viking ... or the other way around.

Men's Viking Hairstyle #5: Long Hair and Long Beard


While long, loose hair can create a very stylish look, it doesn't always look Viking.

To make your long haircut a little harder and more manly, try pairing it with a beard and adding texture to your hair.

Don't be afraid to keep it a little dirty to get that messy natural look. The combination of a beard and an imposing mane will easily take you back to the Viking era.

Men's Viking Hairstyle #6: Mohawk or Iroquois Crest


Vikings and punks may have more in common than you think. They both go to Hellfest? In addition to a character of their own, both bands also seem to enjoy the Iroquois-style ridges.

Although there are variations, the cut is essentially the same. Shaved sides with a noticeably longer band of hair in the middle of the head, from the beginning to the bottom of the neck.

Today, the hairstyle is still an excellent choice if you can manage its intensity.

Men's Viking Hairdo #7: Shaved head and long beard


You can't grow your hair to make the above haircuts with braids, buns and crazy manes? It doesn't matter.

You can also claim that same Viking look without the same hair condition.

To enhance your look with a flawlessly shaved head, don't forget to add a beard, and don't be afraid to let it grow for that barbaric look.

What does it mean when a Viking cuts his hair?

Some Vikings cut their hair only at the back of the skull to prevent them from getting tangled in mails, armor clasps, laces, etc.

Yes... We Don't live in the same world Now!

Look at this video, you gonna see how modern viking cut his hair !


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