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Freya: The Queen of Valkyries

Freya, Vanadis -

Freya: The Queen of Valkyries


Norse goddess of love, Freyja is a Vane and the first Valkyrie.

"Wherever she goes to fight, she receives half of those who fall and Odin the other half. "Gylfaginning

Introduction of Freya

Also known as Vanadis, Freyja is a major goddess of the Nordic and Germanic pantheon. She is a Vane, the daughter of Njord the god of navigation, and the twin sister of Freyr the god of life and fecundation. She is married to Odr with whom she had two daughters: Hnoss and Germisi.

Legend has it that when Odr was away for long periods of time, to the point that he was believed to be dead each time, Freyja was so sad that she cried golden tears that turned to amber when she fell into the sea.

Description of the norse Goddess

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She was depicted with a large blond hair, big blue eyes, wearing a hawkskin and a necklace named Brisingamen. This jewel has the property that anyone, whether mortal or deity, cannot resist Freyja's charms when wearing it. Moreover, thanks to it, any army that the goddess decided to support had her favours.


Functions of the Valkyrie Freya

She is a goddess who is said to be righteous, whose name means the sovereign. She was one of the longest worshipped Nordic deities. She can be considered as the Venus or Germanic Aphrodite because she is the goddess of love and beauty, in addition to being the goddess of earth and fertility.

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However, the similarities with the Greco-Roman goddess stop there because Freyja is a warrior goddess often considered as one of the models or the first of the Valkyries. She knows the sejdhr (or sejdr), a magical science that allows us to see the future and the destiny of mankind. In her other powers, she transforms herself into a hawk to move from one world of Yggdrasil to another.

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After the battles, she receives half of the Einherjar. These are the bravest warriors who died in battle and were chosen by the Valkyries, whom she receives in her palace Sessrumnir, located in the kingdom of Folkvangr. Odin receives the other half of them and welcomes them to Valhalla.

There is a very special reason for sharing these warriors. Odin's warriors are destined to fight in Ragnarök, while those from Freyja have the role of protecting their families and the clans from which they come.


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