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Futhark: The Norse Runes

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Futhark: The Norse Runes


An ancient and very powerful discipline

Runic magic is based on the tracing of runes and glyphs.

Runic magic is a magic practiced by initiates. Indeed it must be used by Vikings having received an apprenticeship of Futhark and a complete understanding of the runes.


"Each rune has a name and a sound which designate an object, an animal or a quality.

Each rune name carries a concept and this concept reflects the symbolism of that rune and its correspondences.

There are then three levels of analysis for each rune: its shape (geometric and phonetic), its concept (its symbolism), its number (what links it to the other runes and makes it dynamic, the order of the runes in a sense and it must not be changed)".

Knowing how to tattoo a rune or engrave it does not mean being able to use it, that's why only those initiated to runic magic can afford to use runes in different fields.


Combined with other forms of Nordic magic it can become even more powerful.

The Futhark is a much more magical alphabet than it is used in everyday and "profane" writing. Indeed the Nordic tradition is an oral tradition; the written word is then reserved for the sacred.

The Futhark is declined in three aett, that of Freyr, that of Hagal and that of Tyr, the runes cannot be changed of place in the runic alphabet.

Last precision, according to the times and the population, the runes are not pronounced in the same way and if one associates his runes to the British runes have obtained a more complex set of runes.


Aett de Freyr

  • Fehu : wild fire/life
  • Uruz : primordial force
  • Thurisaz: raw strength/spines (formal sense)
  • Ansuz : divine breath
  • Raido : rideing/travelling
  • Kenaz : domestic fire
  • Gebo : balance of forces
  • Wunjo : prosperity

Aett d'Hagal

  • Hagalaz : hail
  • Naudiz : curse
  • Isa : ice
  • Jera : earth/ harvest
  • Eihwaz : visiting the dead
  • Pertho : divination/clearance/destiny
  • Elhaz : protection/absorption
  • Sowilo : sun/ lightning and lightning (formal sense)

Aett of Tyre

  • Tiwaz : sacrifice/victory/justice
  • Berkano : regeneration/purification
  • Ehwaz : horse
  • Mannaz : harmonization/spokesmanship
  • Laukaz : growth/amplification
  • Ingwaz : creation
  • Dagaz : protection/blocking
  • Othala : conservation

(Dagaz and Othala are the only runes that can be reversed in the Futhark)

In this magic, you can also create runes by combining a few of them together, so they are more powerful and form a new concept.

Bind Runes




Some runes are more complex and are not part of the Futhark. They are rarely used and are often used as tattoos, very important among the Vikings.

Runes for Luck and Protection



Use of runes :

  • Protection
  • Subject
  • Engraved in the skin (ephemeral, only 1 use)
  • Tattoos
  • Drawn, painted (ephemeral, only 1 use)


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