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Gjallarhorn, The Magic Horn of God Heimdall

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Gjallarhorn, The Magic Horn of God Heimdall


What is Gjallarhorn?

Gjallarhorn is, at the source, in Norse mythology, a magic trumpet possessed by the god Heimdall. Giallarhorn also designates the horn that allows Mimir to drink the water from the spring that contains wisdom and intelligence.


It is a horn, as its name says, which means "sounding horn".

Gjarllarhorn is so powerful that the sound can reach all worlds.

1. Gjallarhorn & Heimdall

Heimdall's most important duty, in addition to being the Guardian of the Bifrost, is warning. He possesses the Gjallarhon, the Resonant Horn, and will blow it when the giants attack; giants are the enemies of the gods of Asgard.


The legend says that Ragnarok will begin when they attack Asgard and Heimdall will blow his horn.


Loki will lead the giants to Asgard, while Heimdall will try to stop Loki and they will end up killing each other.


What does it mean when Heimdall blows Gjallarhorn?

In Norse mythology, Gjallarhorn or Giallarhorn is the lur by which the god Heimdall sends a message to the gods of Asgard and the mortals of Midgard.


It is hidden under Yggdrasil but Heimdall will ring it to announce the beginning of Ragnarök. Its name means "resounding horn".

2. The history of Gjallarhorn and Mimir

Snorri Sturluson, in 'Edda, also reports that the Gjallarhorn is used by the giant Mimir to carry to its source (Mímisbrunnr good), and cut wisely. However, it is likely that this Snorri is a mistake, derived from one of his free interpretation Völuspá.


It is said here that in his spring at the foot of the cosmic tree Yggdrasil, Mimir keeps the Heimdall hljóð, which is used for drinking. We do not know exactly what the term means, but in its most common meaning, it means "silence" or "sound".


One can therefore imagine that it is an attribute (perhaps the ear?) of Heimdall, which God gave to the giant in exchange for a superhuman audience (being able to hear even the grass grow). This finds a parallel in OdinLui too, in exchange for superior knowledge, gave an eye to Mimir; and also the eye of Odin is preserved in the giant spring. One can therefore imagine that Snorri confused what is perhaps heard (hljóð) from Heimdall with Gjallarhorn.

3. The Finnish Music Group Gjallarhorn

Led by the "hardinger" violin and the crystalline voice of Jenny WILHEMS, the band GJALLARHORN can pass for the most Swedish of Finnish bands because of its roots in the folklore of southwest Finland, with a strong Swedish influence. But the aboriginal didgeridoo and all kinds of ethnic percussions also characterize its sound, hence the name "Scandinavian world" which was used to qualify its music.

Nevertheless, the mythological horizons in which GJALLARHORN transports us are undeniably Scandinavian, as is the essence of his repertoire. Revealed in France in 2000 with the album Sjofn (the Other Distribution), which followed the more confidential Ranarop (re-release in progress), GJALLARHORN continues to depict bewitching medieval spaces filled with epic and spiritual fervor in his new album, Grimborg, released in the fall of 2002. The quartet has explained to us its way of thinking about its Nordic musical tradition in the present.

4. Gjallarhorn Also Present in the Game called "Destiny"

Gjallarhorn is an Exotic Rocket Launcher. It is also the only Rocket Launcher that has tracking missiles that each function separately from the warheads.


It is currently available through a quest called Beauty in Destruction, where you retrace the steps of its original maker, Feizel Crux. The rocket is one of three exotic Rocket launchers found in Destiny that are made by the Crux-Lomar weapons foundry. The other two are Dragon's Breath and Truth.


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