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Sea Anchor: Origin of the Sailors' Symbol

Sea Anchor: Origin of the Sailors' Symbol


The sea anchor is a universal allegory that, for many, evokes the ocean and travel. However, it hides many meanings, deeper than its close link with the marine world.

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The marine anchor jewelry

As we said above, it can have many meanings. These will depend very much on the person wearing this symbol. This is why it is so popular; the anchor is for everyone and its design is very versatile. It can be a chic and sophisticated model or a more minimalist one.

An anchor bracelet can often symbolize hope and constancy, luck or tranquility. It is often paired with a leather or fabric link. A sea anchor pendant will represent confidence, a sense of security. You can also find anchors in the form of earrings, rings, or even engraved on signet rings.

Giving a piece of jewelry with a sea anchor shows a special, strong, deep and lasting bond with the person receiving it. It has also become a symbol of love and loyalty. For both men and women, it makes a discreet, elegant piece of jewelry that is easily worn on a daily basis. It is the proof of a strong, constant and loyal love, where the person remains connected to the other, in the good times as in the storms which can sometimes agitate a couple, friends or members of the same family.

The sea anchor can of course be offered to explorers, lovers of the sea and sailing.

Many people have worn this symbol over the years without having any specific link with the ocean. What is hidden behind this anchor?


The word anchor comes from the Greek "ancora" which means "hook".

The marine anchor as such was already used by the Egyptians and the Chinese, followed by the Romans and the Greeks. Before it took on the form we know today, it was once made of stones or sandbags attached to a rope and thrown overboard in order to immobilize a boat on the water, thus preventing it from drifting. The use of iron did not appear until the 18th century.

There are two types of anchors: permanent and temporary. The latter, whose shape is the one we all know, can be launched to stabilize the ship and then brought back on board when it resumes its course. This temporary anchor consists of a central bar called a "rod" and a flat, pointed surface called a "shovel". The whole is connected to the boat by a top ring called "organeau", and a chain.

The sea anchor is a symbol of early Christianity. It can be found on some Christian buildings dating from the 2nd and 3rd centuries, but also on jewelry and stones. It may seem surprising to you, but it was originally used on land. Indeed, under Roman persecution, the anchor was a way for Christians to display their religion to other Christians without being caught. They left them outside their homes or wore them as jewelry. They chose this image because it represented the steadfastness of a ship in the face of storms, thus strength. In addition, its appearance may remind one of a cross.


The use of the sea anchor as a symbol

Overall, the anchor is a very positive symbol. It marks hope, balance and constancy. Its intersecting horizontal and vertical lines embody the union of spirit and matter.

Some interpretations also see a symbol of masculinity in the straight vertical part, and of femininity in the curved part.

The anchor also represents adventure, travel. The fact of being fixed, stable, "anchored", but also of "throwing the anchor" to leave for the unknown, for a new start.

Finally, it is the very symbol of the navy. It is also found on the stripes of the officers of this branch.

Today, the sea anchor can be found on many tattoos, paintings, clothing and many pieces of jewelry as well.

The meaning of the sea anchor can then take several forms: security, confidence, perseverance, tranquility, luck or even faith in general.

Sea anchor tattoo: meaning, origin and price

You don't have to be an old sea dog to fall for the sea anchor tattoo! Zoom in on this meaningful design that can be adapted to your desires.


The anchor is the oldest of the marine tattoos, but also the most popular. It represents the link to the land and has several meanings. The anchor links the boat to the land and prevents it from drifting. It is a sign of stability and strength, attachment, security and advocates safe values like family.

The anchor also has a religious connotation. In early Christian times, it was used to symbolize the cross, forbidden by the Romans. It allowed sailors to display their faith in a discreet way.

Finally, the anchor tattoo was a symbol that was earned and was usually done after the first crossing of the Atlantic. The anchor is the opposite of the symbolism of the sailing boat.


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