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Skull ring: A Lifestyle for Biker, Gothic, Viking & more

Skull ring: A Lifestyle for Biker, Gothic, Viking & more


The skull ring is one of the most fascinating rings for men. Symbol of the rebellious man, this virile jewel wrongly associated with the world of biker gangs, continues to intrigue and make many males fall in love. Indeed, this signet ring for men is now displayed without complex on the fingers of men of character. From the finger of the stars to that of your neighbor, it reigns supreme. But is it made for you?

What is a skull ring?

A skull and crossbones ring can be a thick ring or a signet ring for men with the bezel (engraved part) representing a human skull. It can be just a skeleton of a human head, but it can also be more elaborate. You will find rings with the effigy of the big reaper, the little reaper (without its killing scythe) and many other symbolic figures. The skull and crossbones of the pirates, in particular, has been a success over the years.

The skull ring in all its states

The skull ring can take many forms. You just have to consult the websites specialized in men's rings to be convinced. The sculpture can be cut either in the mass, or worked in patch and decorated with different materials (semi-precious stones, etc.).

Diversity for a unique jewel

In fact, there are many models for this atypical male jewel. You may like the simple version of this silver ring, but there are many others. In addition to the basic skull and crossbones, there are finely worked bone skulls sculpted in gold, silver or stainless steel, alone or with snakes. Sometimes bi-material (gold and silver, solid silver and precious stones, etc.), the silver skull ring offers you a thousand faces. You just have to choose the right store.

What does it mean to wear a skull ring?

The skull ring was originally a sign of masculinity. Often worn by warriors, it symbolized courage, bravery, strength, invincibility and perhaps even immortality. The wearer of this warrior ring meant that he was not afraid of danger or death. It was a clear way to impress the enemy. This desire to frighten can also be seen in the pirates' skulls dominating two shins in a cross or two crossed swords.

The skull ring, a simple fashion accessory?

Wearing the skull ring is much more than a fashion. It is above all a true signature for men with a strong character. The signet ring or signet ring for men is too often reduced only to a rallying sign for our biker friends. But for many, it is above all an elegant way to show his fidelity, his loyalty and his commitment to his community, whatever it is. It could indeed be the biker community, but also your clan or your family.

The skull, a jewel that can be worn on the skin

The skull and crossbones is one of the most common ephemeral or permanent tattoos. Indeed, it keeps for some a religious side! In the Christian religion, to be tattooed with the skull of a deceased person is a synonym of eternity. This tattoo represents what remains of Man with a capital H, once the soul escapes the body.


On which finger should a skull ring be worn?

This is a simple question that is very difficult to answer. If each finger is indeed associated with a character trait, no one is forcing you to put a ring on the finger that corresponds to it. You are a free man, what the hell! However, if you feel like it, here is what it could look like.

  • The thumb represents the protection of the territory, the property
  • The index finger is the finger of authority, the one that shows the way
  • The middle finger is typically the finger of power. The one that is easily deployed.
  • The ring finger is the symbol of a partner in the heart. This is where you slip your wedding ring.
  • The little finger is the finger of emotion and the world of nostalgia of childhood.

But, as you know, rebellious men do as they please.

The skull ring, a festive and trendy jewel

Other country, other customs. In Mexico, a tradition wants the day of the dead to be a day of joy. Transforming death into a joyful and colorful moment is a way to mock it. The joyful and colorful Mexican skull ring serves as an outlet for this inescapable moment.

Where to find a cheap skull ring?

You can of course, ruin yourself by buying a skull and crossbones ring from a luxury brand, but it loses all its appeal as a ring for the rebel man that you are.

Crewskull, a site that skulls to death!

Crewskull, the website specialized in skulls products, offers you an incredible and cheap choice of rings to dress your fingers. You will find beautiful silver rings for all your desires at very attractive prices. Here are some examples of original pieces that are a hit:

  • the cursed biker mini punch with skulls on his knuckles
  • the skull and crossbones
  • and many others to satisfy all styles, from the gothic to the rocker through the rapper

In fact, most of the jewelry presented on the site is accessible to all budgets. You will be able to indulge your passion for skull and crossbones jewelry without smoking your credit card.

An original gift idea for modern men

TV show fans will be delighted with the stainless steel pirate ring, ideal for fans of the Black Pearl. Vikings fans will appreciate the ring with the helmeted skull, while Terminator fans will slip the gaunt skull of the avenger of the future on their finger.

How to wear a skull ring ?

You love skull jewelry, especially rings, but you don't know how to wear them. Here are our tips.

Matching your skull ring to your outfit

The most important thing is to get a skull and crossbones ring that you can easily match with your outfit. The number one tip to avoid mistakes? Wear black (biker, goth, rocker, etc.) for a perfect pairing. The Skull Faction website offers a whole series of clothes to coordinate.

Can we wear several skull rings?

Yes, there is no reason why you can't. Maybe not on each finger, but two on each hand seems like a good deal. Again, your choices are up to you. Some recommend avoiding the wedding ring finger. It's up to you.

Is there any sense to wearing the ring on the skull?
The way you wear the man ring has a meaning.

  • If you wear the ring to show your feelings, turn the bezel of the ring so that you can look at (and admire) the engraving.
  • The statement of belonging to a very closed clan would want the cabochon to show the design facing the viewer in order to impress them.

But if you are a true rebel, an insubordinate, you are probably not the type to respect the rules. So you can wear it as you please.

A ring that seduces women

Virile by nature, the silver skull ring is nevertheless seducing a growing number of women. Reworked and softened by more feminine shapes and materials, this original ring has conquered the hearts of ladies.


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