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Svefnthorn Symbol: Meaning & History

svefnthorn, viking symbol -

Svefnthorn Symbol: Meaning & History


What is the Svefnthorn?


Svefnthorn, or thorn of sleep, is a Viking symbol, which is mentioned several times in the Nordic sagas.

Although its appearance and qualities differ from one saga to another, the viking symbol was used to put its enemies to sleep.

Svefnthorn In the Volsung Saga


Odin plunges the Valkytie Brunhild into a deep sleep and then surrounds her body with a circle of fire. She can only wake up if someone breaks the circle. Sigurd heroically comes to her rescue, crosses the circle and awakens her. (chapter 20)

Svefnthorn In the Saga of Kraka Hrôlf


Queen Olof uses Svefnthorn to put King Helgi to sleep in order to play a trick on him and his men. He remains asleep for hours but regains consciousness of himself without any adverse effects. ( chap 7)

Svefnthorn In the Saga of Hrolf-Gongu


Vilhjalmr uses Svefnthorn against Hrolf who does not wake up until the next day. (chap 24-25).


The Magical Symbol

Why did I choose this symbol to accompany me this week?

It's simple, I'm entering a period of rest and major changes. And I need to purify myself of all the tensions accumulated during this year. To put the stressors to sleep while I take care of myself. That's what I'm dedicating this week to.


Every summer, I begin my vacation by taking stock of what the year has brought me, what has evolved, what needs my attention.

I usually spend the first day off in my classroom, where I clear my desk and do a lot of tidying up. I take this opportunity to remember, to immerse myself one last time in the energies that have accompanied me for the last 10 months.


It's a good starting point, and I can really build on it for what I have to do next. Clearly, I spend the first month working, preparing what I will need, making my supports, improving what I already have. But I force myself to do it for only a few hours a day. During the first week, I also take the opportunity to take care of my living space, which I usually neglected during the last weeks of school... Except that this year, it will be special. Except that this year it will be special, and it will probably take me all summer long.

For a long time, voluntarily, I cut myself off from relationships. I needed this space and this time with myself, to be able to recharge my batteries, to find myself, to be calm, to feel good. So I tried to make my place as welcoming as possible for anyone who wanted to brave the forbidden: nobody comes to my place... I needed a refuge, guarded, what's more, by the hairy one who doesn't like intruders at all. In short, a cave in an urban environment. A place of survival. A den.


I needed to rebuild myself after seeing my world crumble into a thousand pieces, my projects vanish, my prospects vanish. In short... when I went home, I wanted to be alone. If I wanted to see friends or family, I could go to their homes or meet them outside. But home was my private place.

I speak in the past tense because I've moved on quite a bit lately. I now want a welcoming place, a place that is like me, a place where I can share tea, cookies, conversation, and moments with those I care about. And to achieve this goal, I have a lot to do. But I feel that it is time for me to open the door and let others enter my world. I don't need to withdraw so much anymore, I have found a new balance and the barriers I have erected are no longer useful to me.


This week, therefore, I am resting, I am getting stronger, I am purifying myself of all the tensions accumulated over the past 10 months. And I make a list, as exhaustive as possible, of what I have to do. Then, I will be able to devote myself to making my place of life more pleasant, welcoming, and open. A major change, but one that I want to make. And then I will be able to gently close the door on this part of my life to focus on what is happening.

So this week, I'm putting the tension to sleep and taking time to recharge. Then I can release them and use them as fuel for what lies ahead.


Of course, I also remember to take advantage of those I care about. Between work, where I live and my relationships, I have a lot to keep me busy!

So to make the most of it, this week I'm resting physically, emotionally and socially. I'm getting my strength back and I'm taking care of myself.


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