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Where to Buy Viking Jewelry?

Where to Buy Viking Jewelry?


Why choose our Viking Store?

All of our jewelry is hand made. Our viking-store.com offers a collection of necklaces, rings and jewelry with the representation of Nordic symbols.

The quality of our range of Viking jewelry is the result of an ancestral know-how. viking-store.com offers a wide choice through a collection of Viking necklaces and Viking rings for women and men.

Viking history is present in all our creations. Our Norse style and culture brings a unique touch to our creations.

We have at heart to offer you a range of original products respectful of Viking mythology and history.

The viking product catalog is regularly updated. If you are one of those people who love ancient, mythical and wild history, this store is ideal for you.

Here you can find various products to become a true warrior. This is a lifestyle that can lead you to beautiful experiences!

With the  viking-store.com, you will find a very large category of Viking products, to satisfy the Viking soul that is in you. Our payment system is fully secure and our deliveries are sent with a systematic follow-up.

All about our jewelry collections

The jewelry of Nordic design reminiscent of the Viking era seduce by their originality. Scandinavian-designed rings, necklaces and bracelets are very popular and trendy.

Beyond the fascination of the motifs and symbols engraved on each creation, it is above all the mystical side that makes the success of Viking jewelry. Northern mythology and Viking culture have always fascinated people. Fearsome and intrepid warriors, the Vikings also had the reputation of being a conquering people.

The clothing, jewelry and accessories they wore set them apart from other peoples of their time. Today, Viking-inspired jewelry continues to be popular.

On viking-store.com, you will find unique creations that can satisfy all tastes. Read on to find out why you should wear a Viking ring, bracelet or necklace.

Why did the Vikings always have jewelry?

In Viking times, men and women wore jewelry for many reasons, most of which are still a mystery even today.

However, all those interested in Scandinavian history agree that Vikings of all ages and sexes adorned themselves with jewelry because of their faith and belief.

This explains the presence of certain motifs with mystical symbols engraved on many models of jewelry.

In fact, both the Nordic peoples and the Vikings liked to represent their gods in the form of ornaments.

In the beginning, rings, bracelets and necklaces were simple in shape, but in the Viking era, creations included more and more complex illustrations.

The use of jewelry also changed over the course of their history because it became a sign of wealth.

Historians have been able to establish that the Vinkings used their jewelry as a form of currency.

Each piece worn by a Viking indicated his status, wealth, strength and power. Viking jewelry, whether gold, silver, pewter or bronze, was used primarily to pay for goods and services. On viking-store.com, you will discover a wide selection of jewelry designed with these materials.


The Importance of Symbols to the Vikings

Viking jewelry holds its originality from different symbols engraved on each creation.

The origins and meanings of these symbols are linked to northern beliefs. The Vikings prayed to a god for many reasons and they needed symbols to remind them of their commitments to each deity.

Authentic Viking jewelry such as the ones offered on viking-store.com are made with some of the best known symbols.

You will obviously find your model of Viking necklace or ring with the Valknut symbol which is associated with the figure of the god Odin.

This is a fairly common emblem because it was often illustrated on Viking burials.

Valknut symbolizes the courage and bravery of the fallen warriors on the battlefields. Another of the most mystical symbols in northern mythology is the Aegishjalmur or the rudder of the Awe.

It is an illustration of eight tridents that seem to protect a central point. A Viking ring or necklace bearing this symbol evokes protection and power.

This symbol is said to have the power to paralyze enemies because it is associated with snakes that numb their prey before finishing them off.

To learn more about the meanings of the symbols engraved on your Nordic jewelry, visit  viking-store.com .

What makes Viking pendants special

The ring that marks the attachment can take the form of a bracelet or a viking ring. To express an alliance, it is quite common in many cultures to exchange rings.

This practice continues to this day, but with a Viking ring, it takes on special meanings.

On Viking-store.com, you will find rings for men and women with various symbols:

  • Valknut
  • Yggdrasil
  • Drakkar
  • The Helm of Awe
  • Jormungandr
  • Mjölnir
  • Svefnthorn
  • The Gungnir spear
  • Triskele, etc.

In Norse mythology, everything related to the god Odin is rich in symbolism. Rings and other jewelry bearing the symbol of this god of eternity have an undeniable popularity among fans of Scandinavian culture.

Several authentic silver pieces are offered on viking-store.com to please you. The online jewelry store has taken the care to offer you unique handmade creations to highlight your personality.

The best choices of Viking necklaces

The necklaces of Viking inspiration cannot be confused with other creations. Indeed, they are distinguished by the use of a wide variety of objects.

Silver and bronze remain the metals of predilection of the contemporary creators. However, as in the beginning, many jewelry designers make Viking necklaces with wire and natural fibers.

The collection proposed on Vinkings.fr stands out by their pendants with various symbols.

You will discover Viking necklaces in the pattern you are looking for: Valknut, Lagertha, Thor's Hammer, Raven, Viking shield, Helmet of Fear, Tree of Life, Black Sun, etc.

All the models offered on the store are hand made in Europe with the utmost care and attention to detail.

The craftsmen jewelers create each piece with love and passion to give them an authentic design and a sublime touch.

If you're wondering where to find the best norse jewelry, viking-store.com is definitely the place to go.

Whether you're looking for a ring, a Viking necklace or other accessories, find the piece that suits you from the collections in the viking-store.com catalog.

All women and men who are passionate about Viking culture will find what they're looking for with original jewelry designed and created by inspired designers.


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