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Viking Beard Style: #15 ideas & tips

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Viking Beard Style: #15 ideas & tips



The Vikings and the beard

It certainly didn't escape you, but the Vikings were adept at beards.

This was also the case for many other civilizations at that time: the paintings of French kings show them with beards, as do the Chinese emperors and Arab rulers.

The beard was, and still is, for many people a symbol of virility.

To complete a Viking hairstyle nothing like a beard provided, trimmed and assumed.

Where come from the Viking Beards?

The Viking beard originates from a region known as Scandinavia.

In fact, a Viking beard is a style of well-groomed long beard that the ancient Vikings used to grow to look warlike and brave.

Viking beards became popular from the 8th to the 11th century when the Vikings raided Europe and North America.

They let themselves grow a long beard to support or protect their face from the intense cold, as the long facial hair keeps the face warmer.

Today, in an age when everyone wants to look good, if you want to grow a Viking beard, you need to maintain it regularly, because a rough look doesn't attract as much attention as a neat and elegant one.

It is recommended to trim and apply a little beard oil to get the best treatment.

Whatever your preferences or requirements, be sure to find a fierce hairstyle that suits your face.

It is not for nothing that the beard has come back in force for several years already.
Here are our tips for a pure Viking beard that's sure to be a success:

A disciplined, pleasant to wear and silky beard

The first habit to take for a successful Viking beard is to use a little beard oil in the morning. It is a gesture that takes you no more than 10 or 15 seconds, but has only advantages:

  • Your beard will be more disciplined and less shaggy. Nothing worse than beard hairs that go all over the place, curl up on themselves, and end up looking like everything but a real beard. Beard oil helps to discipline the hairs so they line up more easily in the same direction, for a less prepubescent and more viking result.
  • Beard oil softens the hair so that it is more comfortable to wear, comb and wear.
  • Beard oil prevents the unpleasant effect of an itchy beard.

In short, if you really want a Viking beard: use beard oil! We particularly recommend the Viking Beard Kit.

It is simply the best rated beard oil on the market and it costs less than 30$ for a bottle and the pack that should last you several months easily.

It has the advantage of being enriched with castor oil, known to promote growth, ideal if you have a few holes in your beard or if it doesn't grow fast enough to your taste.

Finally we are far from some oils that surf on the wave of barbershops trend (skull and crossbones logos, bikers, etc...) but which are only low-range made in China.

This is a 100% organic natural oil of professional quality: you are guaranteed a visibly more beautiful beard in 48 hours of use.

And if you don't have one yet, a comb and a beard brush will be your best friends for a straighter, less shaggy beard.

The best rated kit is the most qualitative kit on the market that we found and the one from the viking store  the Stainless Steell butterfly comb (see below). For less than 20€ you will get a brush made of real boar bristles, a material considered by all barbers as the best to soften your beard.

Fashion is an eternal do-over, and Viking's hairstyles can confirm the adage. The 2013 Viking series is certainly not insignificant. It traces the life of Ragnar Lodbrok, a young Viking warrior, eager for adventure and new conquests.

Throughout the seasons and episodes, inspiring haircuts multiply for both men and women.

When asked about the historical relevance of the haircuts presented in the series, Michael Hirst, the creator of the series, is quoted as saying, "In the end, how the hell do you want to know what the Vikings looked like!

But if you're always looking for inspiration, here are 15 of the best Viking beard styles with the image that could work for you:


1. Bold Viking Beard


Isn't that a very cool Viking beard? Well, it surely is! A side bangs with a fade out and a hard part hairstyle makes men's beards more fascinating.

You can keep the beard in a round shape or a little curved for a brighter look.

2. Undisciplined Viking Beard

 unrully viking beard

Although poorly maintained, the beard has a natural and masculine look.

Moreover, it is well balanced with the shorter haircut.

If you're not ready for a constant cut and shape, opt for this approach!

3. Naked viking beard

3. Naked viking beard

This look is the most common Viking beard style.

Just like the Vikings, the beard is also wild and active. It's also a big, full beard.

This beard starts at the paws and is long on the chin.

The sides and the hairs on the cheek are shorter.

4. Long Viking beard

 Long Viking Beard

It is easy to maintain this beard style.

You don't need to spend time trimming or styling the beard.

Just comb your hair after applying a balm or oil and you're done! Gray hair makes a Viking beard more graceful.

A simple bumblebee cut or longer hair halfway through gives the long beard a very interesting look.

5. Short Viking beard


Contrary to popular belief, not all Viking beard styles are long.

In fact, many of our favorite Scandinavian characters portrayed on the big screen have rather short beards.

It's a good look if you're growing a beard or just prefer a shorter one.

Checkout the Viking beard/hair beads rings



6. Intense Viking Beard


In this case, your beard is usually square and looks like a large block of the same color. The length of the beard must be approximately equal along its entire length for this style of beard to be correct.

7. Red Viking Beard


Viking beards are exceptional on any type of person, regardless of hair color.

If you're naturally red, you'll look like a Scandinavian warrior even more than your dark-haired peers.

What's more, a thick red beard ensures you have a unique and striking presence wherever you go.

8. Bushy Viking Beard


The Viking's beard was historically bushy and broad. In this particular style, the beard is full and long.

A moustache, also long, is gracefully placed over the bushy beard.

The beard is connected to the side burns and has an elegant and beautiful look.

9. Viking beard in disorder


To be honest, any modern depiction of a so-called traditional Viking beard will look wonderfully messy.

However, we emphasize the "so-called" aspect because historians maintain that the Vikings actually had a well-groomed beard and mustache.

We'll talk about both versions anyway!

10. Viking beard with a single braid


Just as Vikings used to tie their hair before going to war, some Vikings who had extremely long beards also tied their hair into one beard.

This allowed them to keep their beard in place and to deal with war activities.

11. Viking's blond beard


While red Vikings were common in western Scandinavia, blond sailors were common in northern Scandinavia. Therefore, if you have blonde locks and, implicitly, a blonde beard, you will blend in with the mass of people who look like Vikings.

12. Viking pony beard


Some Vikings who had long beards but not long enough to be braided attached them to a small pony under the chin.

This made them look fierce and scary and matched their appearance and personality as invaders and plunderers.

13. Viking double braided beard


A real beard look that the Vikings wore many years ago. Longer hair and a longer beard at the waist! Divide the beard into two parts and braid them together. Tie the braids of the beard with the elastics. Keep the hair open or make a ponytail.

14. Viking beard in shape


Throwing a big beard doesn't mean you have to look like a barbarian. In fact, we encourage you to spend time and effort grooming and trimming your beard. To get started, consult a specialist to find out which shape would be right for you. Then, keep good grooming habits at home.

15. Viking beard medium and strong


A sturdy beard with longer shoulders or hair gives men an interesting and mesmerizing Viking look for the modern age. Men with the avatar we talked about and an attitude of resistance lead you to the imagination of how Vikings looked in ancient times.


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