Who can lift Thor's Hammer? [TOP 10 People Who Can]
Who can lift Thor's Hammer? [TOP 10 People Who Can]

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Who can lift Thor's Hammer? [TOP 10 People Who Can]

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Who can lift Thor's Hammer???

Thor isn't the only one who can lift Mjolnir and that no, he's not the only one who's "worthy".

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Just imagine Thor's head, if the Hulk had been able to lift Thor's hammer in the fight scene of the first movie.

"Whoever holds this hammer, if worthy, will receive the power of Thor."


The Mjolnir war hammer is the emblematic weapon of Thor, the god of thunder. But he is not the only one. Here are ten other Marvel characters who also inherited Mjolnir (or his alternatives) and Thor's powers.



Eric Masterson was just a normal guy before something heavy enough fell on him and he was saved by Thor. He kept in touch with Thor and even saved him once, which made him worthy of lifting Mjolnir. Masterson even assumed Thor's role with the Avengers while the Asgardian was banished from Midgard. When the real Thor returned to Earth, Odin gave Eric a kind of Mjolnir and he became Thunderstrike. All that before he finally got killed because, you know, Thunderstrike isn't as cool as Thor.


awesome android- mjonir

Seen recently in the latest Spider-Man animated series, the robot called Andy (contraction of his name in VO, Awesome Android) doesn't really have any thoughts. He's just used by bad guys to cause problems to the encapés. However, one of Andy's peculiarities is that he can copy the traits and abilities of those he has encountered, which gave him the ability to lift Mjolnir. In the greatest of calms, as the other would say.

8) BOR


Bor, Odin's father, came back to life one day for X number of reasons and Loki convinced him that Thor was a villain who deserved to be spanked, and it was during a fight between grandfather and grandson that grandpa got the idea to take Mjolnir.



This character is not Thor transformed into a frog but a normal human transformed into a frog by a gypsy curse (even if Thor has also been transformed into a frog). When Thor was also transformed into a frog, he fought alongside his frog friends and before leaving, he left a fragment of Mjolnir which was transformed into a Frog. We have the synopsis for Thor: Ragnarok?



One day, Thor had to fight an alien slightly resembling a horse that was able to lift Mjolnir. So when he gave Thor back his hammer, Odin saw fit to create a new weapon just for Beta Ray Bill, called the Stormbreaker. Because "Stormbreaker" really looks like "Mjolnir".



Well, first of all, it doesn't happen in the regular universe but in the Ultimate universe. Second, Magneto did not REALLY lift Mjolnir but used his mutant powers to do so, so he didn't have Thor's powers when he lifted him.


One day, Thanos brainwashed the Hulk to go and smash Thor, and during the fight, the Hulk managed to lift Mjolnir while Thor still had the dragon. But hey, he lifted him anyway, didn't he?


If only one of the Avengers besides Thor should be worthy to wear Mjolnir, it would obviously be Steve Rogers. And Odin agrees. After Thor's "death" in the Fear Itself event, Cap' grabbed the hammer, which made Tony very jealous. He may be a genius, a billionaire, a playboy, a philanthropist, but he can't lift a hammer.



In a "What if ...?" issue on Age of Ultron, Black Widow has indeed raised Mjolnir. So Joss Whedon winked in the movie, where Black Widow doesn't want to try to lift the hammer, because it's "a question she doesn't need an answer to".



Yes yes, Superman. In 2003, in a DC/Marvel crossover, Superman carried Mjolnir and the shield of Cap' at the same time to defeat a cosmic entity. However, he could only carry Mjolnir for a few minutes. He must have had some not very dignified thoughts. You are disgusting, Kal'El.

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