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Viking Woman Hairstyle Ideas

Viking Woman Hairstyle Ideas


Some of us have been fans of the Viking style for many years. But incorporating Viking style into our modern look has always been a challenge.

How did female Vikings wear their hair?

We can be grateful to the creators of the Vikings on This History Channel for showing us how to adapt the traditional style of the Nordic warriors to the modern Viking. For men, it's impressive beards combined with the perfect warrior cut. But what about women?

Did Vikings braid their hair?

Read on to find out how to get the perfect female Viking look with our favorite hairstyles for Viking women. We also have an article on Viking hairstyles for men.

How do I get my hair like a Viking?

What's the secret? Basically, long, luxurious, natural locks accented with all kinds of braids!

1. Loose loops

The ultimate Viking look for men and women is long, luscious, natural hair. Vikings always took good care of their hair, and good hair care and hygiene was considered an important part of Viking culture.


That's why most Vikings carried a small comb with them in their leather pouch to keep their hair tidy and clean. Natural, well-conditioned, long-lasting locks are the most fundamental part of any Viking woman's look.


Abandon straighteners and let your hair's natural wave and curl flourish. Wear it loose and natural, or use it as a base for many of the feminine Viking styles we explore below.

Put some Viking Beads in your hairstyle

2. Ponytail

Viking women were practical and needed to get rid of their hair to get along with work at home or the life of a shield girl.


The easiest way to get their hair out of their face and keep their long locks from getting caught up in the day's activities was a ponytail.


These ponytails can be high on the head, opening up the face, or low at the base of the neck, letting the strands fly around the face for a softer look. Let the long strands hang down your back to show off your spectacular mane.

3. Braided half-cup half-basket

If you want to make even more of your long locks, while keeping them away from your face, go for a mid-high, mid-low look by pulling the top level of your hair out of your face in a ponytail or braid.


That way, you can still have your long hair floating, but you shouldn't find it tickling your eyes. If your hair is fine enough, simply remove the hair at the base of your temples.

Add braids to your thinner ponytail to add texture and character to your look.



4. Loose braid

If you're looking for a softer style that you can use on more casual occasions, when durability in the face of hard work isn't a major issue, give up the ponytail and pull your hair into a loose braid.


Make sure you don't pull your hair too close to your head, so you can keep a nice body in the hair around your face, softening your look. Don't let go of your will-o'-the-wisp or flyaways.


Instead, encourage them to move around freely to give you that effortless feeling just out of bed in the morning. Accent with flowers or other pretty decorations.

5. Central braid

For a more serious braid that you can use in the most vigorous activities of your life, go for something more in the sense of a French braid.


Pull your hair tight to create braids close to your head, adding body and texture to your look. Braids have always been a distinctive part of the northern viking warrior look, and give you an instantly recognizable straightening style.


Accentuate your look with a gold ring or other jewelry to attract attention. Vikings often wore gold rings both as a status symbol and as a source of wealth for unexpected expenses.

6.   Two braids

If you feel that the length of hair you've grown is a bit lost when you place it behind your head in a braid, then separate your hair into two braids so you can pull it from each side over your shoulders.

Two braids hairstyle

You can have low braids that start at the base of the head or French braids that start at the top of the skull. This look also offers another opportunity to accessorize with distinctive little jewels that can be used as another symbol of your Viking affinity.

This always works best with thicker hair, as fine hair can look a little sparse when split.



7. side loops

Accentuate your features and add drama to your look by pulling all your hair to one side of your face. This leaves one eye in the shadows and one eye free and open, adding mystery to your look.


If you've taken care of your long strands, your hair should appear in layers on the side, adding body and shine.

It's definitely more of a casual look than a warrior work look because it can block your visibility and your hair can easily get caught up in your activity. Opt for a dramatic earring to highlight your long, attractive neck.

8. Braids on the side

If you want to add a little extra Viking style to that dramatic side lock look, then pull your hair to one side of your head with tight braids close to the skull.


Two, three or even four small French braids on the side of the head above the ear add texture to the side of your face and make the hair on the other side of the face even fuller and fuller.

You can even do it on both sides, to create a kind of Mohawk style that blurs the Viking warrior.


9. buzzing on the side

If you're feeling brave or have particularly thick hair to deal with, give up braiding and simply shave your head on one or both sides.


It's a great way to reduce the heat in the summer and attract real attention. If you want to add extra drama, use a layered shave to carve a Viking symbol on the side of your head.

This look is definitely perfect for the real Viking warrior shield virgin. You can accentuate the line where your hair meets your buzz cut with a fine braid along the hairline.


10. Bob Cut

If you have trouble growing long strands, go for a shorter look with a Viking bob cut.


Again, the secret is to keep your hair healthy and moisturized so it has natural shine and vibrancy. Give your shorter locks a distinctive Viking style by dropping the fringe and keeping it at a more even length. Accentuate sections of your hair with braids and accessories to add interest.


You can also pull the top of your hair pack into a mid-high, mid-low look. Use Astrid's look from her previous Viking seasons to inspire you.


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