The Helm of Awe or "Aegishjalmur"
The Helm of Awe or "Aegishjalmur"

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The Helm of Awe or "Aegishjalmur"

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Here is the sign called Ægishjálmur, an Icelandic name that means "Helmet of terror". This magic sign is taken from an Icelandic grimoire which is dated around 1600. It is also a Viking Symbol


This grimoire is called the Galdrabók, the book of magic. It presents a collection of magic signs commonly used in Iceland in the Middle Ages. Most of these symbols come from the runic magic inherited from the pagan past of the Icelandic Vikings.

The Ægishjálmur - helmet of terror - leaves no doubt as to the runic origin of the symbol. The rune Algiz, the rune of protection, is clearly recognizable in the Ægishjálmur. Moreover, a helmet has the same symbolism as a helmet, i.e. protection.

The grimoire's explanation for the Ægishjálmur is: "To generate fear (for invincibility in battle) and to protect against the abuse of power (protection in general)". It was customary to apply this amulet to the forehead in order to activate its full potential, as can be seen in the photo below left.

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Nowadays this viking symbol is very present in pagan circles of German-Nordic tradition such as Asatrú or Odinism.

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