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Svartalfheim: Home of Dwarves and Dark Elves

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Svartalfheim: Home of Dwarves and Dark Elves


Svartalfheim, according to Norse mythology, was one of the nine worlds of which the cosmos was composed. Another of the names that this one possibly adopts is Niðavellir, in other manuscripts.

Svartalfheim, the world of the dark elves and dwarves


Svartalfheim, a world divided between beings of two species, the dark elves and the dwarves. In spite of their proximity, one was not well received in the lands of the other. Located on the right side of the ramad of the Yggdrasil between Muspelheim and Helheim.

The writer Snorri Sturluson details the world

According to Snorri Sturluson, it was inhabited by people from all over the world:

-The original Svartalfar worked the forges on the lowest level of the world tree. Its paper and appearance varies through Germanic folklore but is sometimes mentioned with black or dark skin as a result of work in the forge.

-Dökkálfar ("Dark Elves") are ancient guardians who protect people, although they can also be threatening, especially when treated rudely. They usually try to avoid the light, although they are not necessarily subway.

-The Norse Dwarves or Dvergar are beings from the Norse mythology, associated with stones, the subway, death, luck, magic and technology, especially forging. Supposedly, they were the same size as humans. They are not described as small until the thirteenth century, when they began to appear in the legendary sagas, often as a humorous element.

Svartalfheim and the dark elves

dark elves

They were fantastic creatures of enormous beauty. These, had completely dark face and hair, wrapped in a bright violet light. Their eyes were clear and their fingers long and thin, very characteristic.

These beings, especially the elven women, possessed incredible powers, almost capable of surpassing the magic of Odin known as Seid.

The dark elves inhabited the pointed mountains that rose around the valley where the dwarfs' caves were.


Svartalfheim and the Dwarves


These were tiny beings, similar to humans but shorter, stubby and with rough features.

The dwarves, according to Norse mythology, known as Ivald's sons, were in charge of forging the most powerful swords of all. They were the creators of Thor's hammer and Odin's spear.

They lived in caves where fire and iron were their companions. These were located in a valley that looked like the crater of a volcano.

Relationship Between Dark Elves and Humans


Neither of these two beings could be trusted. The dark elves had a complicated relationship with humans. Depending on how, sometimes they performed actions that favored them, while other times, they did not care in the least what happened to them.

Relationship of Dwarves and Gods


The dwarves had a great relationship with the gods because of the powerful weapons they forged for them, such as the sword of Tyr, god of war, and numerous objects of great value. However, they had little contact with the rest of the worlds.


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