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9 Worlds, alfheim, alven, elve - - By : Raid Commander

Alfheim, the World of Elves & Light

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Alfheim, one of the 9 world of Norse Mythology

Alfheim, the world of the elves, often spelled Alven, is the world in which the Vana-god Frej lives together with the light elves and which he rules.

According to Norse mythology, Frej received his kingdom there as an infant, on the day his first tooth appeared.


Alfheim lies beyond Asgård, and there, among others, are Breidablick (the home of Balder), Glitne (the home of Forsetes) and Himibjörg (the home of Heimdall). Alfheim is often referred to as Ljusalfaheim (Light Alfheim) to distinguish this world from Svartalfaheim (World of Black Elves & Dwarves).

Not much is known of the inhabitants of Alfheim, with only the runemaster Dain playing a more significant role.

The other beings of Alfheim, who rank between humans and gods, are shrouded in mystery and rarely show themselves outside their own world.


Since Alfheim borders on Muspelheim, the realm of fire, it is always bright there, so that one gets the impression that the sun is closer here and shines permanently.

Because of this brightness, this world, besides Alfheim and Ljusalfaheim, is also called Vidblain, which means "the dazzling world".

Álfheim, the kingdom Elves of the light

Álfheim is also cited as the divine dwelling in Ásgard, which the gods gave to the god Freyr when he drilled his first tooth.

According to research

Historically speaking, Álfheim is the name of a territory located between the rivers Götaelf and Glom, in the present border area between Norway and Sweden.


It is only related to the elves in so far as the people of the alfar, who lived there in legendary times and whose ruler is among the ancestors of Harald the Hairy, are reputed to be more beautiful than all other peoples and in so far as this could indicate the origin of the elves.

Álfheim would be according to Snorri located in the sky.

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