Midgard: Earth, The Human's World

World of Norse and Vikings myths, Midgard is the land of men.

Midgard, whose name means the middle enclosure, was built from the pieces and organs of Ymir, the giant, father of Odin.


His flesh created the earth, his bones the mountains, his blood the sea, his brain the clouds, to name but a few; for all the fragments of his body were used to build Midgard.

Is Midgard a earth?


It is a central point of the universe. Surrounded by eight other worlds, the most important in the hierarchy is Asgard, the domain of the gods.


The serpent Jörmugand prevents intruders from entering without being invited.

Who lived in Midgard?

It is the land of men, divided into several kingdoms that regularly confront each other.


In these kingdoms, during the battles, the bravest Valkyries are selected to become Einherjar and fight alongside Odin in Ragnarök.

Midgard is also the theater of the saga of Nibelungen and his hero Siegfried.

What is below Midgard?

Midgard the land of the Humans which is on the same level as

The Bifrost, bridge linking Asgard to the middle world, Midgard.

Bifrost Bridge : This is the rainbow bridge linking Asgard to the middle world, Midgard.


It is the only way for the Giants to enter Asgard and is therefore guarded by Heimdall, the guardian of the Gods.
Bifrost is composed of three magical colors and shaped by the Aesir having endowed it with incredible resistance.
It would be composed of red light, green water and blue air.

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